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Standard Dicing Tape



Standard Dicing Tape


For nearly 30 years Semiconductor Equipment Corporation has set the standard for high quality semiconductor Dicing Tape. We inventory a variety of tapes which are manufactured specifically for semiconductor wafer dicing and for ceramic hybrid substrate sawing. These tapes are also useful for surface protection and many other applications that require an adhesive tape with relatively low adhesion, no adhesive transfer, and the ability to stretch without tearing.

Tape for Semiconductor wafer dicing and hybrid substrate sawing.


There is a Semiconductor Equipment Tape that is Perfect for Your Application.
Semiconductor Equipment Corporation's Wafer Dicing Tape is a flexible PVC with synthetic acrylic adhesive bonded to one side. It is tough, has high tear strength and elongation. It is used extensively for Wafer Sawing, Scribing, Expanding. These tapes are available in rolls suitable for all automatic and manual wafer mounting systems where the wafers are being mounted onto tape and film frames.

Tapes are selected for your application based on die size and blade thickness. Small die and hard to cut materials require higher tackiness, while larger die call for lower tackiness. Thicker blades require thicker dicing tape. 

Please contact our Tape Specialist for additional information at (805) 529-2293. 


Standard Dicing Tapes

  P/N Specifications Uses
Blue Low tack Rolls Blue Low Tack Roll
Thickness 75 um / .003” 
Length 200 M / 660’
Sawing wafers with larger die sizes. Adhesion is high enough to hold die firmly during sawing, but low enough for die to be easily removed by die bonders or pick & place equipment. 
Blue Medium tack Roll Blue Medium Tack Roll
Thickness 75 um / .003” 
Length 200 M / 660’
Sawing silicon wafers with smaller die sizes. Adhesion level is slightly greater than Low Tack-Blue to more firmly hold die to tape but low enough to easily remove die in the next operation.
Thick Clear Low tack roll Thick Clear Low Tack Roll
Thickness 120 um / .0047"
Length 100 M / 330'
Harder to cut materials generally require thicker saw blades and will require thicker tape. Same adhesion level as Low Tack Blue. 
Thick Clear Medium tack roll Thick Clear Medium Tack Roll
Thickness 120 um / .0047"
Length 100 M / 330'
Harder to cut materials generally require thicker saw blades and will require thicker tape. Same adhesion level as Medium Tack Blue. 
Clear Low tack Roll Clear Low Tack Roll
Thickness 100 um / .004” 
Length 100 M & 200 M / 330’ & 660’
Sawing silicon wafers where a thicker tape than Low Tack-Blue is required with the same adhesion level.
Precut Squares Squares All the above tapes are available in precut squares mounted on release paper. Standard sizes are 5.75” and 7.50”. Custom sizes are available. A handy way to dispense tape for users without tape handling equipment. Also ideal for use with interlocking rings. 
Inkjet Cover Tape Inkjet Cover Tape Blue tape in widths and adhesion levels designed for Inkjet cover tape. Applied to seal the ink cartridge against ink leakage during storage and transportation.

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