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Model 3250 Wafer/Backlap Applicator


Semiconductor Equipment Corporation´s Model 3250 applies Protective Tape to Your Wafer Prior to Backlapping. The applicator also:

  • Eliminates bubbles between tape and wafer
  • Provides uniform tension between tape and wafer
  • Operates with backed and non-backed tape
  • Provides adjustable roller pressure
  • Cuts tape within .005 " of edge of wafer


Model 3250

  • Four, five, six and eight inch wafer capability standard.
  • Trims tape to the edge of the wafer including the flats, within .005 ".
  • Manual tape feed.
  • Manual tape tensioner.
  • Compatible with standard or interleaved tape.
  • Vacuum stage wafer hold-down.
  • Built in cutter tape separation systems.
  • Captive roller assembly assures consistent wafer/film frame contact pressure.
  • Adjustable spring loaded platen for optimum contact pressure.
  • Manual.


  • Static Eliminator with power supply.
  • Heated Blade Assembly. Heats cutting blade to reduce friction when cutting particular types of back lapping tapes. Heats to 75 degrees C.
  • Motorized Take-up System to gather the liner from dicing tape onto a disposable core. Many semiconductor dicing tapes have a protective liner, which has to be gathered and disposed of. This option makes that process effortless and convenient.
  • DeTaper Option: for removing backgrinding tape once the wafer has been thinned. Includes: a) Roller assembly carrier. b) Vacuum chuck c) Tape dispenser


  • Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Height: 8"
  • Width: 14"
  • Length: 24"
  • Vacuum: 25" H20

Other Info


  • Spare Blades, End Cut, P/N 19190
  • Spare Blades, Rotary, Wafer Trimme

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