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Model 300 Wafer/Film Frame Tape Applicator



Model 300 Wafer/Film Frame Tape Applicator


Semiconductor Equipment Corporation's wafer/film tape applicator provides users with the optimal control of temperature and pressure for achieving uniform bubble-free mounting of electronic grade processing tape onto wafers and their film frames for subsequent cutting of wafers into die. The Model 300 is specifically designed for 300mm wafers.



  • Up to 12” wafer capability standard.
  • Accepts all film frames (specify type and size).
  • Manual tape feed.
  • Manual tape tensioner.
  • Compatible with standard or interleaved tape.
  • Vacuum stage wafer hold-down.
  • Heated vacuum stage adjustable to 60 degrees C. maximum.
  • Built in cutter tape separation systems.
  • Captive roller assembly assures consistent wafer / film frame contact pressure.
  • Adjustable spring loaded platen for optimum contact pressure.
  • CE Certification.
  • Manual.
  • Standard aluminum anodized chuck for 300mm wafers or
  • Teflon chuck for thin wafers to minimize stress during application. 


Bubble Free Tape Application
With vacuum holding the wafer in position, a captive roller travels from the front of the applicator along fixed guide rails over the wafer and film frame in a manner which eliminates any chance of entrapped pockets of air being formed between the tape and wafer which could create areas of low or no adhesion. 

Even X-Y Directional Tape Tensioning
A pressure tensioning frame stretches and holds the tape uniformly in all directions while the tape is rolled into contact against the wafer and film frame. 

Adjustable, Repeatable Contact Pressure
The captive roller is coupled with an adjustable spring loaded platen to deliver the repeatable mounting pressure that is so important for achieving consistent wafer application.

Repeatable Adhesion  Control
A digital closed loop temperature controller regulates the mounting temperature to ensure repeatable adhesion.

Safe Accurate Tape Trimming
A built-in rotary cutter offers exceptional operating life and quickly, safely and accurately trims the tape away from the tension frame. The blade automatically retracts safely when not in use.

Compatible With All Standard Film Frames
Universal design allows any standard frame to be accurately positioned against locating pins. Magnets hold the frame in place.

Optional Non-Contact Platen
When it is not desirable for the face of the wafer to come into contact with the platen, an optional non-contact platen is available. With this option, the wafer is held in position by vacuum along a narrow ridge around the wafer's perimeter. A pressure backup supports the wafer during the tape application. The majority of the wafer remains untouched.

Optional Static Eliminator 
Located in the tape path, this device prevents static electricity from building up in the tape.


  • Static Eliminator with power supply.
  • Non-Contact assembly with the following features:  
    • Non-contact anodized chuck. 
    • Pressure back-up to support wafer during tape application.
    • Controls to remove back-up pressure when tape roller is off the wafer.
    • Pressure regulator to maintain correct back-up pressure.
  • Squeegee tape applicator. A flexible blade follows wafer contour. Best for thin wafers used with the non-contact chuck. 
  • Peeler Assembly Option.
  • Recommended Spare Parts Kit.


  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Height: 10"
  • Length: 40"
  • Width: 25"
  • Shipping Weight: 180 lbs.
  • Voltage: 110 or 220 VAC-50/60 Hz - Vacuum: 25" H2 - Current 3 A

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