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MSA840-II Semi Automatic Wafer Mounter



MSA840-II Semi Automatic Wafer Mounter


Semiconductor Equipment Corporation is the distributor for the new Nitto Denko MSA840-II Semiautomatic Wafer Mounter. The operator simply places the wafer and frame. The system automatically feeds the tape, applies it to the frame and wafer, trims the tape and removes the waste.

The MSA840-II can be converted to full automatic operation with the addition of a wafer and frame handling tool.


  • Semi automatic type to set wafer and frame manuallyand to do tape applying, cutting and removing waste tape automatically
  • Non contact chuck method”to contact 3~4mm wafer edge(Contact chuck method also applicable)
  • 1 Fan type and 2 brush type ionizer equipped
  • Easy connecting to Fully auto wafer and dicing frame handlingtool for transforming to Fully automatic system.
  • 3.8 inch touch Panel Monitor.
  • Simple Face, drawing out/in by hand with air cylinder assist.


Primary Function

Work holding system By Vacuuming
Wafer table Non contact table available
Static eliminator 1 Fan type & 2 brush type equipped
Taping speed control Variable by manual setting
Taping tension H/L auto changing with tape diameter
H/L variable by manual setting
Tape remaining Detecting sensor equipped
Cut number counter Equipped
No wafer operation (*) Available

(*) No wafer operation; Tape applying on dicing frame without wafer.

Optional Function

Work holding system Magnetic holder can be added in case of using high adhesive tape.
Taping speed control Put number through touch panel.
The number can be embedded in recipe.
Taping tension Put number through touch panel.
The number can be embedded in recipe.
Cutting miss detection Available
Cuttind diameter detection Available


  • Applicable wafer size: 4”, 5“, 6”, 8“
  • Applicable frame size for 6”, for 8”
  • Through-put: approx. 30 sec/wafer(excluding wafer and frame setting time and wafer mount frame removing time).
  • Dimension: (W)800x(D)670x(H)750(mm)
  • Weight: approx. 135kgf

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