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Model SC-8 Semi-Automatic Cassette and Box Cleaning System

Model SC-8 Semi-Automatic Cassette and Box Cleaning System


The Hugle SC-8 is the solution you need to clean all types of wafer carriers and boxes up to 8” in a single system. 

The SC-8 is a new generation semi-automatic cassette and box cleaning system. This model features energy efficient, space saving, trouble free design. Special water and air nozzles wash and dry containers as they are transported through the system in wire trays. Hugle has built on the strong performance and reliable design of the earlier CRD-4500. There are also design improvements that increase drying efficiency and reduce system cost. Cost savings have resulted in substantial price reductions.


  • Several kinds of container can be washed
  • Small foot print/Energy Saving design
  • Hugle Super-precision cleaning by our unique washing
  • Highly efficient hot air knife for quick drying
  • Surfactant wash, DIW rinse feature available
  • Compliance to various standards (SEMI standard,CE marking,UL)
  • Can accommodate many kinds of containers up to 8”
  • Easy operation with touch panel screen
  • Process recipe setting per tray
  • Outstanding washing/and drying performance
  • Equipped with Anti-static device
  • Over 300 installed base shows high reliability


  • Equipment Dimension
  • Main system:2724(W) × 1190(D) × 1680(H) mm (Excluded any projections)
  • (W)625 x (D)1050 x (H)1060mm ・・・Feeder unit
  • (W)625 x (D)1050 x (H)1060mm ・・・Stocker unit
  • (W)700 x (D)1000 x (H)1180mm ・・・Tank・Blower unit


  • Equipment weight
  • Main unit: 355kg
  • Feeder unit: 120kg
  • Stocker unit: 115kg
  • Tank-Blower unit: 200kg

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