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Model 450 Hot Gas Rework Station



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Model 450 Hot Gas Rework Station


Hot Gas Rework Station Removes Surface Mounted Components And Bonded Die.

Using carefully regulated heat controls, quickly and easily removes surface mounted components and bonded die from PC boards, hybrid micro-circuits and packages without disturbing nearby components or damaging the removed device.



Bonded die or surface mounted components can be removed with this versatile rework station. Rework can be accomplished without disturbing nearby components or damaging the removed device. Removal heat is applied through an interchangeable nozzle. All process parameters are closely controlled. The versatility of this unit makes it ideal for removing surface mounted components such as leadless chip carriers, eutectic bonded die and epoxy bonded die.

  • Hot gas jet directs heated nitrogen through an interchangeable nozzle to the selected area on the substrate.
  • Idle heat and nitrogen flow through the hot gas jet minimize heater warm up time.
  • A voltage proportioning temperature controller monitors the gas temperature at the nozzle and controls it within a narrow range.
  • Gas temperature is adjustable to 800 º C.
  • Gas flow is adjustable. Flow indicator is mounted on the control panel.
  • Heated work holder eliminates thermal shock and prevents substrate cracking. Temperature controller with digital readout adjustable to 350 º C controls workholder temperature.
  • Interchangeable work chuck mounts on workholder to adapt to various package configurations.
  • Position lock feature holds work holder firmly while hot gas is actuated. Position lock override provided.
  • Push button and parallel foot pedal operation to increase nitrogen flow and temperature from idle to the amount required for die removal. Also actuates work holder position lock.
  • Pressure interlock in nitrogen supply line prevents a low pressure burnout of heater element.
  • One half inch Z motion (vertical travel) manually controlled to permit nozzle to reach into deep packages.
  • Nozzle height can be adjusted 1.5" to give a total range (combined with Z motion) of 2".




  • Heated work holder with digital temperature controller adjustable to 350 º C (includes 2" x 2" vacuum chuck).
  • Hot gas jet which directs up to 800 º C heated gas through an interchangeable quartz nozzle to a specific area.
  • Voltage proportioning temperature controller for closed loop control of the hot gas temperature.
  • Adjustable gas flow with indicator.
  • Round or rectangular nozzles are available in a variety of sizes. One standard .060 I.D. nozzle comes with the system.
  • The gas jet has .500 inch vertical travel with an additional 1.5" adjustability for a total range of 2".
  • Manual.



  • Stereo Zoom Microscope with 10x eyepieces, including stationary arm and mounting bracket.
  • Microscope mounting bracket (required for customer supplied scope).
  • Rear mounted microscope mounting bracket (required for large P.C. board rework), and .5x lens.
  • Illuminator with mounting bracket.
  • An optional mechanical side mounted device ejector is available to aide the operator in applying a steady pressure against the device. The stage is locked in position and a thumbwheel is rotated to bring the ejector down and then against the side of the device to push it loose. This option gives more precise control for applications where the die are very small or very closely spaced. The possibility of overtravel is eliminated and the visibility of the removal operation is improved.
  • Work chuck (mounts on work holder) for up to 2" x 2" flat devices.
  • Additional heated workholder (includes 2" x 2" vacuum chuck).
  • Special work chuck.
  • Recommended Spare Parts Kit.
  • Additional hot gas jet nozzles. Includes quartz nozzle with thermocouple port (does not include heater element).
  • CE Certification for the standard Model 450. 


  • Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Height: 18"
  • Length: 22"
  • Width: 14"
  • Shipping Weight: 40 lbs.
  • Voltage: 110 or 220 VAC-50/60 Hz - Current 7 A

Other Info

The following is a list of quartz nozzles that are currently available for the "Model 450 Hot Gas Rework Station ." Other sizes available upon request. To order a custom nozzle, refer to the Custom Nozzle Ordering Diagram. 

Part # Configuration "A"
4450-003-001 Round .020 ----
4450-003-002 Round .040 ----
4450-003-003 Round .060 ----
4450-003-004 Round .120 ----
4450-003-005 Round .250 ----
4450-003-006 Round .340 ----
4450-004-001 Square .275 .275
4450-004-002 Square .310 .310
4450-004-003 Square .380 .380
4450-004-004 Square .440 .440
4450-004-005 Rectangular .120 .500
4450-004-006 Rectangular .120 1.000
4450-004-007 Square .500 .500
4450-004-008 Rectangular .060 .500
4450-005-001 Square Baffled .480 .480
4450-005-002 Square Baffled .520 .520
4450-005-003 Square Baffled .610 .610
4450-005-004 Square Baffled 1.000 1.000
4450-005-005 Square Baffled .380 .380

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