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Model 850 Flip Chip Placement System



Model 850 Flip Chip Placement System


Semiconductor Equipment Corporation´s Model 850 is a versatile, semi-automatic placement system for flip chips, chip scale devices and bare die. The system is intended for low volume production and development projects requiring accuracies of +/- 12 microns. A typical application consists of a cycle in which devices are picked up from a waffle pack, dipped into flux and then placed on a substrate.

An optional heated stage (Model 855) is available. An additional option, SEC´s Model 430 Hot Gas Jet Module can be integrated to operate on the Model 850 as a spot heating source for airflow.


  • Manual X, Y sliding table with 13 " x 5 " of travel and ergonomic control arm.
  • Micrometer adjusted X,Y and Theta stage for fine alignment.
  • Pneumatic brakes for XY table movement.
  • 4" square flat vacuum chuck.
  • Cube beam splitter vision system with simultaneous view of die and substrate patterns for alignment.
  • Motorized zoom lens, color camera and TV monitor.
  • Four independent fiber optic ring light illuminators. Two for die and two for substrate illumination.
  • Viewer automatically retracts when Z motion is activated.
  • Automatic Z motion with pneumatic bond control panel adjusted.
  • Pick up tool.
  • Set up kit.
  • Manual.


  • Die tray pedestal capable of holding four 2" square die trays. 
  • Fluxing Station including: 
    • Pedestal with micrometer leveling.
    • Removable flux tray.
    • Hand held flux doctor blade.
  • Heated 4 " x 4 " workstage with control box, includes temperature controller, power switch and fuses. Temperature up to 225 º C. 
  • S.E.C. Model 430 Hot Gas Jet Module, including the following standard features: 
    • Hot gas jet which directs up to 800 º C heated gas through an interchangeable quartz to a specific area.
    • Voltage proportioning temperature controller for closed loop control of the hot gas temperature.
    • Adjustable gas flow with indicator.
    • Round or rectangular nozzles are available in a variety of sizes. One standard .060 I.D. nozzle comes with the system.
    • General purpose mounting bracket to facilitate mounting gas jet assembly to your equipment.
    • Footswitch controlled.
    • Three foot long interconnect cable between control module and gas jet assembly.
    • Safety interlocked to prevent heater burnout.
    • Manual.



  •  +/- 12 micron placement accuracy.
  • Four 2x2 waffle pack pick-up stage.
  • 4" square vacuum stage standard (optional sizes available).
  • Bond load - 30 to 200 grams standard (10kg optional).
  • Throughput - up to 200 placements per hour.
  • Compressed Air: 60 psi
  • Vacuum: 20" Hg
  • Power: 110V, 3 amp - 60 Hz / 220V, 15 amp - 50 Hz
  • Size: 39 " W x 30 " D x 24 " H
  • Weight: 185 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight: 225 lbs.


Other Info

Color Video System
A motorized zoom lens allows the operator to optimize viewing with its standard range of 10x to 100x. Other ranges are available. 

Fiber Optic Illuminators
The system has two separate fiber optic ring light illuminators with separate controls for each, one illuminating the die and the other illuminating the substrate. 

Micrometer Adjusted Stage
A micrometer stage is used to adjust X, Y, and Theta to move the substrate into exact alignment with the die. A 4 " square vacuum chuck is provided. 

Sliding Table with Brakes
The system has a sliding table which has a 5 " x 13 " travel. Table movement is controlled by a joystick. Pneumatic brakes lock the table in position. 

SEC Model 430 Hot Gas Spot Heater (optional)
The Model 430 Hot Gas Jet Module uses heated gas to heat a single die to reflow. Its closed loop temperature control and gas flow control are integrated with the operation of the Model 850. This unit may be purchased as a field upgrade. 

SEC Model 855 Heated Stage (optional)
The heated stage is capable of 250 º C operation. It incorporates a separate control box with its own closed loop temperature controls. This unit may be purchased as a field upgrade. 

Fluxing Station (optional)
The system includes a fluxing tray to dip the die into flux or adhesive prior to placement. The fluxing station can be added as a field upgrade. 

Illustrated Features:



A flux tray and doctor blade are used to apply a controlled and uniform thickness of flux.



Die are picked up from waffle packs.



SEC's Model 430 Hot Gas Jet Module deliver heated gas to the die in order to reflow a single die without affecting nearby components.


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