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Model 1810 Die Matrix Expander

Model 1810 Die Matrix Expander


The Model HS-1810 Die Matrix Expander is a semiautomatic system capable of expanding 6” or 8” wafers, which are diced or scribed and mounted on dicing tape and film frame. The transfer carrier is to interlocking grip rings and the system is capable of various temperature, stroke and speed setting for optimum control.


  • Up to 8” wafer capability standard.
  • Adjustable preheat timer up to 99 minutes (1 second increment).
  • Adjustable motorized stage stroke up to 90mm (1mm increment).
  • Adjustable motorized stage speed controller.
  • Adjustable heated stage up to 100 degrees C (1 degree C increment).
  • Built in cutter tape separation system.
  • Additional clamp set for 6” wafer.

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