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Model 4750 Die Ejector System



Model 4750 Die Ejector System


The Model 4750 Die Ejector System, also known as the Poker Plate, will help speed up die handling through these key features:

  • Adaptable to most die handling & die bonding systems
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • One moving part
  • Stand alone die plating system


High Speed Die Handling
The Model 4750 Poker Plate System solves the problem of quick and easy die removal from wafer mounting tape. It can be supplied as a stand alone unit or can be interfaced into your regular or high speed die bonding, pick and place or die inspection equipment. 

In operation as a stand alone unit, the operator aligns the desired die over the poker pin and presses the foot petal. The vacuum locks the carrier in position and the poker lifts the die from the wafer mounting tape for easy removal with a vacuum pencil. In operation, in conjunction with your pick and place or die bonder, the operator aligns the desired die to the cross hair in the microscope or viewscreen, the vacuum locks the carrier in position and the poker lifts the die from the wafer mounting tape for pickup by your die bonding arm. The operator continues to align the cross hair to the next die. 

The Model 4750 is adaptable to almost all die carrier ring or die carrier plate systems in use today or Semiconductor Equipment Corporation can supply ring sets compatible with your system. When interfaced with SEC´s Model 830, the Model 4750 will present die to the pickup tool compatible rates.

Only One Moving Part-Virtually Maintenance Free
The system is unique in that unlike competitive systems which utilize cams etc. which frequently malfunction and need adjustment, there is only one moving part in the Model 4750 and the only energy source required is vacuum. Therefore downtime and maintenance are virtually zero.


  • Ejector probe bushing and vacuum plate (specify die size)
  • Initial supply of tungsten carbide ejector probes.
  • Footswitch
  • Manual


  • Projected image crosshair alignment and control chassis assembly which contains the following: 
    • Illuminator with mounting brackets.
    • Illuminator switch and power supply.
    • Crosshair image intensity control.
    • Ejector probe mode indicator.
  • Leica Stereo Zoom Microscope with 10x eyepieces, including stationary arm and mounting brackets. 
  • Microscope mounting brackets (required for customer supplied scope). 
  • Adapter to accommodate specific carrier rings (please specify carrier to be used). 
  • Extra ejector probe bushing & vacuum plate (specify die size).


  • Shipping Weight: 25 lbs.
  • Voltage: 110 or 220 VAC-50/60 Hz

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