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27 March 2017

A Google Company Becomes an Interesting Dicing Tape Customer for SEC

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by Suzy Tritenbach - SEC's Dicing Tape Specialist

Google recently exited the self driving vehicle business and spun off a new company to continue the effort. Waymo opened for business in December of ’16 with a new approach. Google’s goal was to build a vehicle, sensor system, and software. Waymo has decided to focus on the sensor system and software. They are working with established companies to get the vehicle.

Lidar (light detection and radar) is one of the principle sensor systems used to guide self driving cars. The Waymo system includes three Lidar systems. One of these systems can cost as much as $75,000. The high cost is one thing that has been a barrier to commercializing self driving cars. Waymo has decided to bring the manufacturing of Lidar systems in House to reduce cost and improve reliability.

One step toward manufacturing their own LIDAR is to manufacture their own sensors. Light detection sensors generally are manufactured in wafer form on silicon. Part of the packaging process is to dice the wafers and for that step Waymo is using SEC dicing tape.

A fast moving company like Waymo depends on short lead times and dependable service to meet their goals. SEC delivers many items from stock in one week. Our Nitto Dicing tape has been an industry standard for more than 40 years.

Waymo has successfully reduced the cost of Lidar. Latest information is that the Lidar Team at Waymo has reduced the cost by 90%.